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Royal Queens Chess A Zillions-of-Games file
. Game with full board and all pieces are sliders or immobile and victory is by capture of all 8 opposing Queens.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Robert Fischer wrote on 2004-12-18 UTCPoor ★
The diagram is absent.
The link goes nowhere.

This did not come about as an error on the part of CV Pages staff. 
Apparently, Derek Nalls expanded it from 1 game originally to a
of 18 games.  Then, Ed van Zon at Zillions renamed the entry to:

Royal Queens Chess Collection;id=972

David Howe wrote on 2004-12-19 UTC
Thank you for the information -- I have updated the page. When Zillions of Games changed their web site to use a database our links to pages on their site became invalid. We are working to update all our links, but it's a time-consuming job.

Robert Fischer wrote on 2005-01-12 UTC
Nice adjustment, really. Unfortunately, their eccentric inventor has deleted this entry at Zillions- choosing to combine his new royal queens games with his pre-existing royal king games in the Symmetrical Chess Collection. So, you also need to delete this entry.

Derek Nalls wrote on 2006-03-19 UTC
Thank you for posting it but this game no longer exists anywhere.
So, please delete this page since the link is dead.

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