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Graeme Neatham wrote on 2008-04-24 UTC

Carlos, I don't mind creating a new userid, but am not sure how that helps. Can't the games be reassigned to grayhawke?

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-04-24 UTC
i wondered about that.  i entered grayhawke without the 2, but i noticed
that the game logs all say grayhawke2.  i'm not sure why that happened,
or what to do.  maybe you could create a new username if it's no big

Graeme Neatham wrote on 2008-04-24 UTC

Carlos, I can view the games but cannot play them. The userid seems to be grayhawke2 - it should be just grayhawke, without the 2.


je ju wrote on 2008-04-24 UTC
Thanks to the efforts of Carlos Carlos the tournament has started.

Good luck to all.

Charles Daniel wrote on 2008-04-23 UTC
I would like to use the first one, please:

Birds and Ninjas

The game is Birds and Ninjas. the ninja guards are normal - they DO NOT HAVE leaping camel move. All std rules EXCEPT one option: each side can drop 4 ninja pawns as per drop rule spec.

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-04-23 UTC
most games are up.  

charles, which preset do you want to use: 
Charles Birds (vs Donut)

you can check on the games by entering PL1 in the games field.  counting
them, the joe-juan game of atlantean doesn't show up tho, not sure why.

for some reason something is wrong with the games involving graeme.  maybe
i used the wrong username.  graeme, if you can't access those games let me
know.  however, i don't have the power to delete/alter games so i guess i
will just reassign them.

je ju wrote on 2008-04-22 UTC
Carlos has indicated that all games will be assigned and started no later
than the end of the coming weekend.

Rich Hutnik wrote on 2008-04-21 UTC
Can someone please post the complete and final list of games so I can
update the IAGO site with the right games?  Also, please let me know which
chess variant is being played.  Would I be right to presume that Stealth
refers to Stealth Chess (the Stratego-like) chess game or something else
(for example)?

Graeme Neatham wrote on 2008-04-21 UTC

Round 1 match chart available here

je ju wrote on 2008-04-21 UTC
The veto period seems to have passed with a few smatterings, a flurry and
in the end all games hold on and retain membership.

The results of the cricket were 304 total runs scored, which converts to
214 duodecimals.

As a result, we are going with scenario 3.   In random scenario 3, alpha2
is match 1, alpha3 is match 2, alpha1 is match 3.

Charles  Birds (vs Donut), Stealth (vs Carlos), Titans (vs George)
Carlos  Falcon (vs Charles), Hole (vs George), Wormhole (vs. Donut)
George  Altair (vs Carlos), JacksWitches (vs Donut), Rococo(vs Charles)
Donut  Hammer (vs George), Korean (vs Charles), Rollerball (vs Carlos)

Joe     Atlantean (vs Juan), Grand (vs Graeme), Lemurian (vs Jeju)
Graeme  Circular (vs Joe), Modern Courier(vs Jeju), Save the Standard (vs
Jeju     Eight Stone (vs Graeme), Racing (vs Juan), Wuss II (vs Joe)
Juan     Bachelor (vs Jeju), Hostage (vs Joe), Switching (vs Graeme)

Early analysis of the matchups finds a few interesting tidbits.  

Only Juan and Donut end up playing a game they cast a veto against.  Donut
on Jacks & Witches, Juan on Save the Standard 13x13.

Joe, on the other hand, cast no vetoes but did allude to a few games he
was not keen to play¡¦and drew one of them, Wuss II.

Juan and Jeju are drawn in a rematch of a game completed with a Jeju
resignation 320 days ago.

If anyone has the talent and time to make the schedule into a chart of
some sort, that¡¯d be appreciated.

Carlos has offered to assign the games and get them started.  Once he does
that, game on.  If you find any time goofs in the game settings, report
them to Carlos and he should be able to restart the game.

Unless there¡¯s a strong outcry against, I¡¯d say¡¦

(copied and pasted from 3rd courier tournament page, written by Fergus)

Time Controls
Game Courier has very versatile and sophisticated time controls, and these
will be used to time all games in the tournament. Details on how time
controls work can be found in the User's Guide. The same time controls
will be used for each game. Here's what I propose to use:
Pace:	4 moves per week
Spare Time:	14 days
Grace Time:	24 hours
Extra Time:	8 hours
Bonus Time:	6 hours for moving within 24 hours
If two players attain the same score, ties will be broken by the following
methods in a topdown order:
¡¤	Buchholz / Solkoff method (Compares scores of all opponents defeated by
tied players.) 
¡¤	Sonneborn-Berger (Compares scores of all opponents defeated or tied
with tied players.) 
¡¤	Number of Wins (Wins count as 1, ties as nothing.) 
¡¤	Most Blacks (Whoever has won more games as the second player wins the

Donut Donut wrote on 2008-04-17 UTC
I veto



je ju wrote on 2008-04-15 UTC
I encourage all participants and FANS of CV Potluck 2008 to register at:

This'll get you access to the ins and outs!

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-04-15 UTC
seeing as we are allowed to veto for any reason at all, i'll go for...

circular chess with crooked bishops and queen 
eight stone 
hammer chess 
hostage chess
racing kings
save the standard 13x13
titan chess

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-04-15 UTC
about the rules of wormhole chess: the trapped pawns on d3 and d8 are
allowed a single diagonal move to begin.  i don't think this is written
in the rules.

je ju wrote on 2008-04-15 UTC
Randomly assigning games:

Each group has 4 players:

Player A    Player B    Player C   Player D  
A is the highest seed, D the lowest.

Player A has match 1 vs player B, match 2 vs player C, match 3 vs player
Player B has match 1 vs player C, match 2 vs player D, match 3 vs player
Player C has match 1 vs player D, match 2 vs player A, match 3 vs player
Player D has match 1 vs player A, match 2 vs player B, match 3 vs player

Each player brought 3 games...based on their alphabetical order, game
alpha1, alpha2 and alpha3.

In random scenario 1, alpha1 is match 1, alpha2 is match 2, alpha3 is
match 3

In random scenario 2, alpha 2 is match 1, alpha3 is match 2, alpha1 is
match 3.

In random scenario 3, alpha3 is match 1, alpha1 is match 2, alpha2 is
match 3.

All games will start at the same time and have generous time allotments. 
They will start as soon as Carlosly possible from or after April 21st (if
no games are vetoed by 4 players).

Which random scenario is used will be based on the following cricket

Only Twenty20 International Bangladesh v Pakistan at Karachi - Apr 20,
2008 (18:00 local, 13:00 GMT)

If the total number of runs scored (combined Bangladesh and Pakistan)
results in the numbers 1, 2 or 3 in the ones column, we go scenario 1.

If the number in the ones column is 4, 5 or 6, we go scenario 2.

If it's 7, 8 or 9, scenario 3.

If it is zero, we look at the number in the tens column.

If that too is zero, we look at the number in the hundreds column.

If that too is zero, than the match was called off and we look at the
total number of points scored in the last NBA game to finish on Sunday the

Cricket results can be found at

Any questions??

Charles Daniel wrote on 2008-04-14 UTC
I veto 

Saving the Standard 13x13

Bachelor Chess

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-04-14 UTC
Juan, here's the preset and rules for Modern Courier Chess - I'll adjust
the wiki pointer.
Question: Do we want the version with the modern queen or the mann?


juan rodriguez wrote on 2008-04-14 UTC
Ok, here's comes a veto or three.  First though, I didn't see a preset
for modern courier chess.  Does it have one?  Did i just miss it?

I'd agree to veto these:

Wormhole Chess
Titan Chess
Saving the Standard 13x13

Good luck all!

Charles Daniel wrote on 2008-04-14 UTC
I will have no problem veto a  game, but I need to read up on the rules
first - I am not too familiar with a lot of the games here .
I dont see anything I immediately dislike as of now. .

je ju wrote on 2008-04-13 UTC
I cast one veto for each of the following:

Atlantean Barroom Shatranj


Falcon Chess

je ju wrote on 2008-04-13 UTC
Let the veto period begin!

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-04-13 UTC
Aren't we about to start the 1 week veto process? What happens now? Are we
all being gentlemen?

je ju wrote on 2008-04-12 UTC
All games have been named.  Roughly 48 hours left to change the games
nominated.  Time for a review of how the tournament will proceed.

During the 7 day veto period any player may veto any game for any reason
whatsoever.  If you feel it is a bad game, if you don't like the game, or
even if you love the game, have played it a lot and just don't feel like
playing it now.  Using a veto is simply a manner of expressing a
preference.  If you prefer not to play a game, feel free to veto it.  

If a game you named, or even invented, is vetoed, please don't take it as
an insult.  In fact, it may have been vetoed because others are afraid to
play you in that game...which is a compliment in a way.

Reminder...Each player will play each game that they nominated ONE time.

They will play it against ONE other player in their pool.  Which player
they play it against will be determined randomly after the veto period.

They manner of randomly setting the matches will be described in a future
post, and will involve the results of the following cricket match:

Only Twenty20 International Bangladesh v Pakistan at Karachi - Apr 20,
2008 (18:00 local, 13:00 GMT)

Rich Hutnik wrote on 2008-04-11 UTC
The event page:

Is now up on the IAGO World Tour schedule:

I will also get the games into the officially registered with IAGO list.

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-04-10 UTC
I've just posted links to the game rules here:
Please check your games to see that everything is correct.
Thanks, Joe

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