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Joe Joyce wrote on 2009-02-06 UTC
Thank you; I just managed to outlast my opponents. There were some very
interesting games in the tournament. I appreciated the chance to play most
of the games :-) It's a shame that some were unable to complete the
tournament for various reasons. I suspect others could have done better
than I. May the next potluck have such a range of games and equally good
opponents, that don't run into difficulties off the chessboard. Again,
thank you for running the tourney, je ju, I [mostly] enjoyed it [except
for when Graeme severely thumped me at the end of the first round... ;-) ]
I'll look forward to the next one in some months.

je ju wrote on 2009-02-06 UTC
Joe Joyce

Grand Champion of Pot Luck #1 2008!!!!!!

Well done and good luck in future tournaments!!!

je ju wrote on 2009-02-05 UTC
2008 Pot Luck tournament has come to an end!!!!

While round two saw more time-outs/resignations than actually completed
games, all participants can be proud of their results!!

Starting with Group B, the 'losers bracket', we have a tie at the top:

1. Jejuejejeu - 4-1-1
1. Donutdonut - 4-1-1
3. JuanRodriguez - 3-3-0
4. George Duke - 0-6-0 

And in Group A, our 'champions group', we have an undefeated champion:

1. Joe Joyce 6-0-0
2. CarlosCarlso 3-3-0
3. Charles Daniel 3-3-0
4. Graeme Grayhawke - resigned

Congratulations to Joe on being the Champ!!!

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2008-12-08 UTC
I reverted them to the backup files, but I was unable to change the
permissions on the files. They may need to enter their passwords into the
logs page to see the games listed.

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-12-08 UTC
Fergus, please fix these 2 games that have timed out:

Grand Shatranj	carlos-joejoyce-2008-303-724 

Falcon Chess	joejoyce-carlos-2008-303-721 

Thanks, Joe

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2008-12-08 UTC
I just took five days off the time used for any move held up by the period
of downtime this weekend. Let me know if any logs need to be fixed due to
declaring a winner before I adjusted the time controls.

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-12-08 UTC
Okay, we seem to be back. 

Fergus, could you give carlos carlos some time back in these tourney

Grand Shatranj	carlos-joejoyce-2008-303-724 	30' 20' ago	Joe Joyce has
won.	N/A	Delete
Falcon Chess	joejoyce-carlos-2008-303-721 	30' 21' ago	Joe Joyce has
won.	N/A	Delete

He should get at least 50 hours back in each game, if possible. Heh, I
admit to hoping he'd run out of time, because he was down to 2 days in
Grand Shatranj, and not a lot more in Falcon, but having the entire site
down for 4 days was not what I had in mind...


je ju wrote on 2008-10-16 UTC
No problem with substitutions...if anyone wants to, leave a comment before
Carlos sets up games and the switch can be made.
Graeme, thanks for making the chart.

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-10-16 UTC
No objection from me, Charles.

I will try and get onto assigning these games over the weekend.

Charles Daniel wrote on 2008-10-15 UTC
If there is no objection, for the tournament I would like to substitute Asylum Redux for Titan Chess.


I am sure my opponents won't mind because this game is much shorter and easier to play.

Graeme wrote on 2008-10-15 UTC

Round 1 final table
Round 2 initial table

je ju wrote on 2008-10-14 UTC
Based on rankings current as of the start of the tournament, each group
looks like this:

Top group, playing for the PotLuck2008 Title!

Charles   Birds (vs Graeme) Stealth (vs Joe ),	Titans (vs Carlos)
Joe     Atlantean (vs Charles), Grand (vs Carlos), Lemurian (vs Graeme)
Carlos  Falcon (vs Joe), Hole (vs Graeme), Wormhole (vs. Charles)
Graeme  Circular(vsCarlos),Modern Courier(vsCharles),Save/Standard        

Second Tier, playing for pride and a can of corn*.

George   Altair (vs Juan ),JacksWitches (vs Jeju),Rococo(vsDonut)
Jeju    Eight Stone (vs George ),Racing (vs  Donut), Wuss II (vs  Juan)
Donut 	Hammer (vs Jeju), Korean (vs Juan), Rollerball (vs George)
Juan   Bachelor (vs  Donut), Hostage (vs  George),Switching (vs  Jeju)

*In order to receive the prize, one must appear in person at a designated
location, which shall be so designated at the completion of this

If anyone has the talent and time to make this part of the schedule (round
two, not the can of corn collection part) into a chart of some sort, as
Graeme so ably did last time, that would be appreciated.

Carlos will offer to assign the games and get them started when he has
time.  Once he does that, game on.  If you find any time goofs in the game
settings, report them to Carlos and he should be able to restart the game.

(copied and pasted from 3rd courier tournament page, written by Fergus)

Time Controls
Game Courier has very versatile and sophisticated time controls, and
will be used to time all games in the tournament. Details on how time
controls work can be found in the User's Guide. The same time controls
will be used for each game. Here's what I propose to use:
Pace:	4 moves per week
Spare Time:	14 days
Grace Time:	24 hours
Extra Time:	8 hours
Bonus Time:	6 hours for moving within 24 hours
If two players attain the same score, ties will be broken by the
methods in a topdown order:
Buchholz / Solkoff method (Compares scores of all opponents defeated by
tied players.) 
Sonneborn-Berger (Compares scores of all opponents defeated or tied
with tied players.) 
Number of Wins (Wins count as 1, ties as nothing.) 
Most Blacks (Whoever has won more games as the second player wins the

Good luck to all!  Any problems found in any of the above, let me know.

Note to Rich:  Based on how long round one took...can't imagine there's
any way we'll have this wrapped up in calendar year least not
the top tier.

Rich Hutnik wrote on 2008-10-13 UTC
A belated thanks for the update to everyone.

Any idea when this event will finish?  I have a feeling it is going to run
into the 2009 IAGO World Tour schedule.  I would want to get the CV site to
be on the Tour again, but events do need to wrap up before the following
year starts.

je ju wrote on 2008-10-13 UTC
Standings after round 1:

Charles      6  – 0             6 pts
Graeme       5 – 0 – 1          5.5 pts
Joe Joyce    4 – 1 -1           4.5 pts
Carlos       3 – 3 - 0          3 pts

George 2 wins – 4 losses     2 pts
Jeju    1 – 5 – 0            1 pt
Juan    1 – 5 – 0            1 pt
Donut   1 - 5 - 0            1 pt

New groupings:

Winners’ Pot


Consolation (Losers’) Pot:

George      2 pts
Jeju        1 pt
Juan        1 pt
Donut       1 pt

je ju wrote on 2008-10-13 UTC
Pot Luck 2008 round one is in the books...will try to get a schedule for
round 2 up soon.

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-05-05 UTC
Hey, Carlos - you should delete the 2 dead games of Graeme's and mine;
they're about to expire on time on his move. Juan and I have made twice
as many moves in our untimed game as our timed one, so there shouldn't be
any problems with it not being timed.

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-04-27 UTC
Hi - just got online and saw this comment - no time limits in that game of
Atlantean Barroom either, though we are playing it...

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-04-27 UTC
yeah, i think i must have forgotten to enter the tournament field for that

David Paulowich wrote on 2008-04-27 UTC
Carlos, Tournament Filter: [PL*] yields 23 games on the 
Game Courier Game Logs page - no Atlantean Barroom Shatranj.

Graeme wrote on 2008-04-27 UTC

do you mean this match chart?
The game-names are linked to the rules and I'll be linking the game-results to the Courier Matches today

Thanks for re-assigning my games, all appears to be working now.

Rich Hutnik wrote on 2008-04-26 UTC
What is the URL for them being up?

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-04-26 UTC
i think all the first round games are up now, let me know if anything is

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-04-25 UTC

joe, jeju, juan - please move in the new games.

Graeme wrote on 2008-04-25 UTC


I've created a new ID graemecn and used it to post this message. Can you assign my tournament games to this new ID?


carlos carlos wrote on 2008-04-25 UTC

i did enter grayhawke... every time. i don't know why it changed it to

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