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Gary Gifford wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
Joe: You write in regard to PotLuck, 'I believe this event would be considered a Chessvariants Email Athlon Event - the first ever.]'

Would not the CV Tournaments be considered such events? After all, they had lots of players, lots of games, and I think each started in one year and finished in the next. The first two even had cash prizes.

PotLuck seems more like 'Bring games you like and lets have a round robin.' Nothing wrong with that of course. And I applaud the concept and implementation. It is a great idea and I'd loved to have participated but I am currently a bit exhausted from CV3, playing in an ongoing Chess Thematic Tournament, and playing in a final round of a Shogi Tournament.

At any rate, I wish all participants the best in this PotLuck event and I will be watching from the side... with great curiosity as to the outcome.

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
Hey, Gary - I meant it would be the first IAGO World Tour ChessVariants
Athlon Event. That means the winner would get name and maybe even picture
on Boardgamegeek, for example! How can a mere cash prize compare with

And I know what you mean about being booked-up recently. I'm still
playing 2 T#3 games, both tough, for somewhere between 3rd and 5th or 7th
places. Us also-rans are still running. [Congrats on the win, it's quite
spectacular - what, 23 or 24 games in 2 tournaments with at least 20 wins
and no losses! Heck, probably better than that.] And I'm still trying to
finish the 45-46 contest - hope to get that done within a month or so. Eh,
I guess we can let you slide for this one ;-) 

Anyway, I really like the idea of a potluck, and things like Invent&Play,
so I'm doing all I can to encourage them. And I think I can squeeze in a
few more games. [Right! I should know better, but I never seem to.] Enjoy.

Gary Gifford wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
Joe, of course you are right.  Let me know if you need help building your
pedestal.  :)

Rich Hutnik wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
Ok now here.  There will ONLY be a photo if someone takes a snapshot of the
winner.  As far as prizes go, you guys need to get me something a film
studio would want to film.  I need wacky nicknames (or at least something
with a pasty name twice :-)).  We have a Double Donut.  Anyone else want
to be DanishDanish (please, I hope no offense here.  I already ticked off
several chess grandmasters)? 

I also need some sort of page to point this two.  I will get something up
on BoardGameGeek also, once we are set, but please get me a page now with
the info for it.  If it is this thread, let me know.  I would personally
rather have a page with just the event info, and no information on how
many are participating.  Every event on the Tour schedule should look
alike in this regard.

Just my 2 cents...

je ju wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
Pot Luck 2008 field set!

Based on current 365 day ratings of all public games, the seeds are as

1.	Charles Daniel  (Chucky D!)
2.	Joe Joyce       (MJ the 3rd!)
3.	Carlos Carlos    ( C squared  )
4.	Graeme Neatham  ( Grayhawke )         
5.	George Duke      ( Duke )
6.	Jejujeju            (the Jej)
7.	Donut Donut       ( D-nut )
8.	Juan Rodriguez     ( J-Rod )

(nicknames may be edited, no offense intended)

Pool A will be the 1, 3, 5 and 7 seeds:  Charles, Carlos, George and
Pool B will be the 2, 4, 6 and 8 seeds: Joe, Graeme, Jeju and Juan

Games must be named by April 14th.  Games named prior to April 14th MAY be
changed prior to April 14th.

April 14th to April 21st will be the veto period.

Any game receiving 4 vetoes will be bounced and the person who brought the
vetoed game will have 48 hours to replace it.  From the time the
replacement has been named, there will be another 1 week veto period on
the replacement game.

Once all games are approved, the game schedule (within each pool) will be
randomly assigned.

Joe¡¦any chance you can set up a wikipage if I do the text and send it to
you?  Or you could do it if you like?  Or Carlos, are you able to do that?

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
No problem. Believe me, it's quite easy to set up a wiki page. Making it
look decent is another thing. There are those very good at making pages
look nice, and everyone can have access to the pages. Send me whatever you
wish, and I'll get it on a wiki page. [With an edit here and/or there.]
We'll set up parent and child pages, so there can be a separate
announcement page, for example. Who's on or has access to the wiki now?

Rich Hutnik wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
Please give a bit of thought to what you want for user names or nicknames. 
In event we ever get anything on TV, they will be having these nicknames in
with your name, like 'Devilfish', 'Jesus', and 'The Poker Brat'.  Of
course, not everyone needs them, but think how you want yourself to come
off.  I will say the nicknames are not mandatory, but could be useful.

Graeme Neatham wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
I seem to be in both pools?

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
You're multi-talented.

je ju wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
Ooops!  Problem fixed, the Grayhawke is seeded 4th and in pool B.

carlos carlos wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
wormhole chess
hole chess
falcon chess

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
Here's the initial setup:
Graeme, how do I tell what the real name of the Welcome Page is, so I can
make this page a child page of Welcome?

Graeme Neatham wrote on 2008-04-09 UTC

Joe, I've hooked it into the Welcome page (page name start).

The quickest way to find the name of a page is to go to that page and then look in you browser's address bar - the text after the final '/' is the page's name.

je ju wrote on 2008-04-09 UTC
Joe and Graeme, the page and link look great.  I've applied to join the
wiki group and if accepted (fingers crossed!) I'll update the page as we
go.  Thanks.

Jejujeju games:

Wuss II
Racing Kings
Eight Stone

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-04-09 UTC
Thanks, Graeme - I saw 'start', but couldn't believe it was the 'real
name' of the Welcome page.

We're getting an interesting mix of games listed. Now, it's not veto
time yet, so should I put up another page for negotiations ['what the
heck is *that* game??? I'll tell ya what, I'll drop this game and vote
against that game there if you drop this game and that game...'], or can
we just add them to the wiki page? ;-) Seriously, we are getting a broad
range of games proposed. There are some very nice choices there, guys.
Ought to be interesting.

Graeme Neatham wrote on 2008-04-09 UTC

My games:

  • TriMac HexChess
  • Modern Courier Chess
  • Save the Standard 13x13

Joe, I've added a comments section to the Named Games page thinking that it could be used for any negotiations, questions etc.

Donut Donut wrote on 2008-04-09 UTC
My games are

1.Roller Ball
2.Hammer Chess
3.Korean Chess

Graeme Neatham wrote on 2008-04-09 UTC

That's everyone named their initial set of games - the full list is here

je ju wrote on 2008-04-09 UTC
Couple of points.

George may or may not choose a third game.  If he doesn't, he has to
decide which of the two he named he wants to play twice.

Also, does TriMac HexChess have a preset?  If so, where can I find it?  If
not, how can we play it?

Graeme Neatham wrote on 2008-04-09 UTC

An as yet unpublished preset for TriMac HexChess is available here

George Duke wrote on 2008-04-09 UTC
Altair standard, Rococo standard, Jacks & Witches.

je ju wrote on 2008-04-10 UTC
Joe, saw your comment on the Pot Lock page on the wiki page.  Was going to
respond...but I haven't been accepted as a member.

I think a vigorous discussion over there might be limited as Carlos, Juan
and the Donut are not members (yet) either.  Doesn't look like George and Charles are members, either.

I'll encourage the others to join, but depending on how long it
takes for acceptance, any discussion of vetos and the like might be better
served here.

Graeme Neatham wrote on 2008-04-10 UTC

Changed my games

Replacing TriMac HexChess


Circular Chess with Crooked Bishops and Queen

Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-04-10 UTC
I would encourage people to join the wiki. And, without looking, jeju, I
suspect you are listed as a member... yep - 2 hours ago. Shucks! Now I
can't go change your games without you being able to do anything about it

Okay, everyone's in and we've had 1 change. Is everybody comfortable
with the make-up of the games? This has turned into a nice little amalgam
of a CV Tournament with Invent and Play. I like this format. It gives
people a chance to play games they really want to play, whatever their
[the games'] provenance. But I'm sitting here chuckling audibly because
I often hold a minority position on these things; so how do the rest of
you feel? Have we got a good tourney shaping up with the games we've got

George Duke wrote on 2008-04-10 UTC
Time of the essence, where is the link for some membership, Jeju?

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