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A Tale for a Chess Variant.. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2010-08-27 UTC
Betza's Nemeroth,, is at midnight and Jaguaribe's tale is at high noon.  High Noon, why are there no Indians in tinseltown's 1952 'High Noon'? A little matter of genocide off in the distance, or just reserving them for a couple of thousand other movies film and moving caricatures. Chess in fiction and chess in cinema, all well documented by Bill Wall:

Anonymous wrote on 2010-08-20 UTC
Hey, Claudio, I missed the Fiction tab on the way through the list, and marked it 'Miscellaneous', which put the old 'game' tag on your submission.

Claudio Martins Jaguaribe wrote on 2010-08-20 UTC
Dear editors:

Shouldn't it be Fic instead of game?


Daniil Frolov wrote on 2010-08-20 UTC
There are 3 spherical variants.

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