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Olden-RoyalChess. A 12x12 game with many compounds plus new pawn types.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Aurelian Florea wrote on 2018-10-28 UTC


I live 46 kilometers (a bit less in miles I guess) from the Transilvanian border. I live in the Moldavian district of Bacau which neighbours Transylvania :)! But the interesting stuff was down to the south :)!

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2018-10-28 UTC

I remember reviewing this page.  I don't have the mentioned email record (maybe I was using the [email protected] address back then?).  We had some problems around then with submissions defaulting to "Freederick" as their submitter, hence the comments from Mariano.  I have no idea how the author would have been changed again to erik; Mariano is still a user here, so it's not like some weird thing connected to deletion of users...

Actually, I don't know why the title of the page has "(hidden)" appended either.

Kevin Pacey wrote on 2018-10-28 UTC

I've long forgotten to ask my Romanian friend Aurelian if he happens to live close to Transylvania. :)

Erik Lerouge wrote on 2018-10-27 UTC

Ah ok that's it, CVP is a haunted website... :)

Yes, it is certainly a confusion in the information of the page. I just remarked before you made the modification the very recent date of the page creation, that seemed me strange. Thanks

Aurelian Florea wrote on 2018-10-27 UTC

Or maybe, Halloween ghosts are on :)! Wooohuuuooo!

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2018-10-27 UTC

Since another user claimed authorship of this page in the comments, I updated the author and inventor of this page. I don't know if there was another erik before you. If there was, there is no trace of activity before you joined. Even the page you mentioned has a start date that is later than you joined. I'm not sure why some comments are earlier than the start date for this page. It leaves me wondering if another page had the same ItemID but got deleted. However, the page itself says the game was invented in 2013. So, maybe there was just a screw-up in the information recorded about this page.

Erik Lerouge wrote on 2018-10-27 UTC

I see that this page was written by a certain 'erik'. It is not me. Comments on this game go back to 2013, and I create my CVP account at the end of 2015. Was there any bug (or worse) that caused a confusion? Or in the case where a previous homonymous member existed before I went on CVP, is there nothing that prevents to create an accout with the same user ID than an existing one? Nothing serious for me, but if it happens to other people involved in this website it could be more annoying.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2016-04-01 UTC
Images on this page are being hosted off-site. Would you please upload the images here and change your HTML to refer to local copies? When images are hosted off-site, there is often the danger that they will eventually disappear.

Mariano Moran wrote on 2013-11-05 UTC
How can i do to edit this page?

Mariano Moran wrote on 2013-11-05 UTC
I've answered you by email

Mariano Moran wrote on 2013-11-05 UTC
Yeah sorry for messing up, it wont happen again, thank u

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2013-11-04 UTC
Mariano, I've sent you an email concerning this page.  I have also edited your comment for language.

Mariano Moran wrote on 2013-11-03 UTCAverage ★★★
I ve fixed the html tags and the page, it seemed that way because i had few time to write it as id had liked, sorry for that, but i think it will soon look as cool as others

Mariano Moran wrote on 2013-11-03 UTC
*comment removed by editor*
essentially, "This was my first draft of the html page, I'm working on fixing it up. Also, I see that Freederick is listed as author, which is incorrect: I wrote this page."

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2013-11-03 UTC
When I had looked at it this morning the html tags weren't around.  I've
fixed the offending closing tags.  I think I should leave it to Freederick
to fix up other formatting issues.

I've hidden this page until some things are cleaned up.

Greg Strong wrote on 2013-11-03 UTCPoor ★
This page looks absolutely terrible!  All caps ...  Super-large font, with stray codes that mess up the rest of the page ...  And a link to an external drop box URL zip (44 MB!!!) which could contain anything.  And it reuses the name of an existing name (which I consider a definite no-no.)

It looks so bad I'm not even going to read it.

There has been recent conversation about why this site it dying.  This is why - the signal-to-noise ratio is falling asymptotically to zero.

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