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This item is a game information page
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2005-11-19
 By Gary K. Gifford. Queens or Castles. Missing description (9x9, Cells: 81) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Gary Gifford wrote on 2006-07-06 UTC
Michael: To answer your question, 'Do the Queeen's starting squares need to be empty for the synergism move? Yes. Because synergism [which allows a player to exchange 2 of his Queens for 4 Rooks] does two things: (1)it replaces each of 2 Queens with a Rook and (2) it adds a Rook to each of the Queens’ original starting squares. Note: L.L. Smith's nice Zillions .zrf of this game lets you practice synergisms and the program will perform them too. Thanks for the question.

Michael Nelson wrote on 2006-07-06 UTC
Do the Queens' starting squares need to be empty for the synergism move?

Gary Gifford wrote on 2005-11-26 UTC
Michael: I am glad you are satisfied with the 3D Diplomat. I have just added your name in the graphic intro since you created the Alfaerie Diplomat image. I also added your name in the crediting notes. I think the Diplomat piece image you created is a very nice graphic. Simple,yet highly symbolic, and relatively unique. It is a great piece. Now, if I could only get it into the Queens or Castles game Courier pre-set.

Gary Gifford wrote on 2005-11-26 UTC
Three items of news for Queens or Castles: 1) Least important: On the Rules Page I placed a 3D computer graphic (that I made) showing how I think a real 3D Diplomat piece would look (based on the related Diplomat Alfaerie Graphic). 2) I made a preset for this game. See following link. Graphics in the preset do not match those in the rules 100% as I did not see a link to the miscellaneous piece set that included the Jester and Diplomat. But the substitutes are easy to understand. Rules are not enforced by the pre-set. /play/pbm/play.php?game%3DQueens+or+Castles+%3F%26settings%3DQueensCasltes 3) I've tested the most recent L.L. Smith ZRF (Beta version) of this game (not yet released). L. L. Smith has done a great job in getting some tricky functionality to work properly ... I am aware of some of the behind the scenes tinkering with code, and Larry is certainly an impressive and respectable coder. Hopefully we will see the final ZRF in the very near future.

Gary Gifford wrote on 2005-11-01 UTC
Comment no longer applies due to reconstruction and rewrite of this game.

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