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Heavy Shako. 10x10 variant inspired by Yangsi, made by Eric Silverman and Jean-Louis Cazaux.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2022-03-25 UTC

I unhid this. I corrected the link to Shako in the introduction. And I changed Shako to Chess in the Rules section, because this gives more finality to the description of the rules, and Shako doesn't do anything different from Chess that anyone would have to look up to fully understand how to play Heavy Shako.

Adam DeWitt wrote on 2022-03-25 UTC

Nice catch. I think that sliipped by because I copied the table from Yangsi before modifying it to describe the pieces in Heavy Shako.

H. G. Muller wrote on 2022-03-25 UTC

To avoid the somewhat ambiguous notion on what 'different' means, you could write (in the piece overview) that kings castle with the rooks by moving two squares in their direction.

Adam DeWitt wrote on 2022-03-25 UTC

Buffalo icon has been changed, and Rules section has been simplified.

Heavy Shako is ready (again).

Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2022-03-23 UTC

In my understanding, castling is like in chess (and in Shako) and Pawn's promotion is as Fergus says.

Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2022-03-23 UTC

Why using a Ram to represent the Buffalo? Why not using a "Wildebeest" icon, ?

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2022-03-23 UTC

You haven't given any explanation of how the King castles differently. Since the King is the same distance from the Rooks as in Chess, it looks like it would castle the same.

You mention that the Pawn "is subject to different rules of promotion." But all you say on that matter is list all the pieces it can promote to. It is standard in Chess variants for a Pawn to be able to promote to any piece in the game besides the King or Pawn. So, if the only difference is that the Pawn has more promotion options due to the game having more types of pieces, it's not really subject to different rules of promotion. So, you just need to say that it can promote to any piece but a King or Pawn, and it has more promotion options than in Chess, because this game has more types of pieces.

I corrected the spelling of squirrel in the interactive diagram.

Adam DeWitt wrote on 2022-03-23 UTC

Heavy Shako is ready

Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2021-12-28 UTC

@Adam: if it helps, look and edit the gc preset of Maasai chess. You will see this set

Adam DeWitt wrote on 2021-12-27 UTC

Indeed, using the original pieces would be ideal, but I do not know where the pictures are located. However, I can get pretty close to it using the path for Alfaerie pieces provided by the Interactive Diagram Designer.

If I can get the path of the directory for the Alfaerie for Metamachy set, that would allow me to use the intended piece graphics.

Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2021-12-14 UTC

As a matter of fact, I had had only a minor contribution in support of Eric Silverman and I cannot be considered as a co-author. Just "inspirator" if I may say.

I have myself designed and published a similar CV which aim is indeed to complement Shako, it is Pemba,

In addition if you want to make the lineage with my games, it would be important to respect the choice of names and icons I've made for them and that I use in all my games. This matters a lot for me. Eric S has respected this in the Heavy Shako he made available on AI AI.

You could use the "alfaerie for Metamachy" set for that, it has them all.

Your Zebra (which plays AND and not Z) should be a Squirrel, Your Castle (WD) should be a (modern) War Machine, Your small queen (=Leo) should be a Sorceress, represented by a star, Your Lance should be a Crocodile (=Vao), Your Unicorn should be a Buffalo (NCZ).

Thank you

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