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Crossover-piece Dual Direction Variants. Variants adding different moves in the dual direction to already dual pieces. () [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2006-09-28 UTC
Well what am I to do when I get so many ideas? There are some that don't even reach the stage of being posted! There is a balance to make between putting variants too similar on separate pages and variants too different on a single page. Certainly A. Black's 'Shogi-with-one-extra-piece' variants might have been grouped rather than each having their own page, likewise M. Winther's recent series of links. The division into straight duals and crossovers seemed the obvious one to make as it took the most unfamiliar pieces out of one page altogether.

Jeremy Good wrote on 2006-09-19 UTC
Charles, I'm being serious when I hope that you continue apace with what you do because I appreciate it.

Andy wrote on 2006-09-19 UTC
'As my number of Dual Direction Variants has grown'

Is it your goal to invent as many CVs as possible?  While I have liked
occasional rare Gilman game, it is like trying to find diamond in coal
pile.  Wouldn't you do better to concentrate more on quality of fewer
games rather than as many new piece types and games accomodating them as

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