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Logical Followup to Duke of Rutland Chess and Some Others. Derivative of The Duke of Rutland's Chess with other compound pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jeremy Good wrote on 2007-09-22 UTC
I'd say you deserve priority in this one, Charles. The two variants seem identical and I'll re-name 'Logical Followup...' Modern Manners. I think it speaks to just how much of a logical followup this variant is, given that both were discovered independently upon pondering the original. Well done!

Charles Gilman wrote on 2007-09-22 UTC
Having recently had my attention drawn to this variant I decided to take the effort to look in detail at the array. It is the mirror image of my variant of 2004, Modern Manners - although as you don't include a rules page there may be differences regarding promotion and special first moves.

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