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Hexagonal Hole Chess. Hexagonal variant using new pieces, holes, and barriers. (Cells: 91) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Gary Gifford wrote on 2004-08-02 UTC
A thanks to Michael Howe for taking the time to comment.  Mr. Howe
writes,'The hole and the engineer are very interesting, though I think
the engineer's ability to reposition a [Hole or Barrier] to any hex on
the board might be too much -- perhaps repositioning should be restricted
to the engineer's sphere of influence.'    Mr. Howe's idea is certainly
one to consider should the game prove to be too volatile. However, I am
hoping that the Engineer and Teleporter will have enough threats against
them [via holes] to offset their strengths.   Also, Teleporters will be
blocked by Barriers... so that will be part of the fun, cutting off these
beasts.   Mr. Howe also writes in regard to the Teleporter, '... I'm not
sure I like the idea of a piece that can reposition my pieces anywhere on
the board -- it cuts into the idea of positional play.'  My response is
that the Teleporters are just like the Engineers, except that they move
pieces instead of Holes and Barriers.  By being able to move pieces
Teleporters are a constant threat to  positional stability.  Thus one
could argue that there is a need to be very careful in regard to
positional factors, to be much more positionally alert than in, for
example, traditional chess.  In regard to Mr. Howe's comment that two
Teleporters could end up in a repetitious loop... for a draw...'  That
would not be likely because one Teleporter would simply move the target
piece to a Hex that the other Teleporter could not target.  Best regards
to all, Sincerely, Gary K. Gifford

Gary Gifford wrote on 2005-12-26 UTC
unintentional redundant comment - removed by author

Gary Gifford wrote on 2005-12-26 UTC
I just made a pre-set for Hexagonal Hole Chess.  While doing so I noticed
that the red-side (in the rules) is missing 2 pawns... that has been
corrected in the pre-set. I used a Glinski board and Alfaerie graphics 'the Antoine Fourrière Set,' 
where blocks are blocks but holes are represented by crabs (as I saw no better substitute- 
perhaps one can think of large crabs residing at the bottom of the holes?);
Engineers as Windmills and Teleporters as the Star piece.

I've not looked at this game since it was originally posted.  Looking at
it now it does look like a real pain to play... not that it would be hard
to play, just that there is a lot to consider prior to making a move.

Anyway, the non move enforcing pre-set link is below.


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