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Ecumenical Eurasian Ninjachess. 3d variant on 10 by 5 by 5 board with many new pieces. (5x10x5, Cells: 250) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2018-07-15 UTC

This page has a link I couldn't correct. I changed the HREF to a TITLE with an explanation about the missing link. The link text is hybrid piece.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2011-02-13 UTC
Not suitable, but a very useful answer for exposing the shortcomings in my specification. I should have said neither a name in the list or too similar one, and should also have asked for an explanation of how the name fits the piece. Carousel to closely resembleds Carouser. Sorry and thank you.
	Actually since posting my first comment I've had an idea of my own. My replacements for Acehopper (Tank+Knight) and Acmehopper (Tank+Camel) are Accountant and Actuary, as positions that might be involved in 'firing' employees or even 'gunning for' redundancies. Neither piece is in this variant but they are manifestly part of the same family of renamings. It struck me that Cashier might fit in with these two rather well, as a third position in corporate finances. In the armed forces it is used as a verb, referring to a particular severe form of dismissal. Given how long I've been thinking about this I think I'll settle for Cashier. First I'll change it in Man and Beast 08 and then I'll send the new update.

George Duke wrote on 2011-02-11 UTC
Carousel. The related Man & Beast is eight where -hopper is dropped from these bi-compounds as misleading since only one leg does.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2011-02-11 UTC
The failure to post the latest update has put me in an interesting situation. Had it been posted I'd have said 'Oh, to Hell with it, I've called Cannon+Camel Kamikaze, and that's an end to it.' As it is I'm tempted to suggest putting the update on hold while I try thinking of yet another renaming. You see, prompted to read All the King's Men to see if I've neglected anything I see the definition of a Kamikaze piece there and it's a better fit. This has been one of the most troublesome pieces to name so far, so if anyone has any ideas for a better name - or for that matter thinks I should stick with what I've got - I'll welcome them. It should start with C or K, have A as its first vowel, and not be in this list. Ideally it should go well with the other -hopper renamings: Marksman, Careerist, and Campaigner.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2010-11-14 UTC
Just a clarification regarding the (as yet unposted) updates to this page that I have recently sent: I recently had a rethink of a name that I had not found entirely satisfactory when I realised that therre was a potential better use for that name. Therefore I would ask that the e-mail with my October update is deleted and the November update posted. A Honeycomb Chess update from this February is also still outstanding.

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