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Diagram Designer. Lets you display diagrams without uploading any graphics.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2018-08-10 UTC

The previous change I made to increase compatiblity with FFEN is incompatible with a change I previously made. That change was to use . for border colored dots and ! for text colored dots. The . for border colored dots works if you enclose it in braces, and the ! for text colored dots still works normally. The reason for this, and the reason I didn't catch it earlier, is that these are handled in two different parts of the code. To use periods in the same way that FFEN does, it catches a period when populating the board and inserts a @ to represent an empty space. When actually drawing the board, it interprets a period as a border colored dot. The problem is that now, a period in the FEN code does not get inserted as a period in the array representing the board unless it has been enclosed in braces. I'm going to keep the use of the period for empty spaces, and I will use the # sign for border colored dots. These dots are for use in movement diagrams. Note that these will be overridden if a set uses these punctuation marks to represent pieces.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2018-08-03 UTC

In order to make conversion of FFEN diagrams easier, I recently modified drawdiagram.php to recognize periods in the FEN code. A single period indicates a single empty space, as it does in FFEN diagrams. Unlike the number 1, which would indicate too many spaces if repeated, the repetition of a . just means one more empty space, not ten more or 100 more, etc.

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