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Connect Shoot KillA game information page
. A mix of dots and boxes with chess pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Rick Nordal wrote on 2015-02-06 UTC
I have a new URL for my Connect Score chess variant. The game rules and game board print outs can be viewed at: I used to call this game 1) Paper Chess 2) Connect Capture 3) Connect Shoot Kill -----------------------------------

Rich Hutnik wrote on 2011-09-25 UTC
I found the link worked, but the email address bounced.  I tried to send this as a message:

I am a bit confused about the set up regarding Connect Shoot Kill.  Is the only set up available the print out?  If so, then I was curious what the role of the Joker and Wizard are.

Second, I see that the game is on Boardgame Geek:

I don't see a link to the rules page you have up.  I was thinking you may want to update that entry with a link to your blogspot site.

Lastly, in trying to understand the game rules, I thought of maybe an idea for a variant that would be doable using chess set that might work (needs to be tweaked).  Have players have their own set. Once they create a box, they put one of their pieces in and can kill opponent's pieces that are on the board as they place it, along the lines of what you had.  Pardon me if your rules are close to this, and it is spelled out.

Daniil Frolov wrote on 2010-04-11 UTC
Link is broken.

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