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ChessexA game information page
. Hexagonal chess variant for two or three players. (Cells: 169) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Christof Struck wrote on 2010-04-23 UTC
The link to the homepage now is

Patrick Mullen wrote on 2003-07-16 UTC
Yes, the full two-player version of Chessex is pawn-heavy, and that is an
integral part of the game. Early versions centered around a massive
infantry (pawn) assault on the opponent (frontal, right or left),
supported and augmented by the major pieces. A more patient approach had
to be adopted, of course, since the king has to be protected and pawns are
defensless from the rear, but the flavor of the game is derived from it
emphasis on infantry. I should add that, as the game progresses, the king
usually has to move up within the pawn structure for protection.

The two-player 'lite' version has only eight or nine pawns for each
player. Because of this, stalemate is more likely, since it is harder to
trap the king. The large number of pawns in the full version adds a
dimension and causes enough congestion to make escape more difficult in
the end game.

Anonymous wrote on 2003-07-16 UTC
The Pawn develops very quickly in this game, being able to slide up to the
center rank of the field.  There are also various rules, start positions
and start amounts for the Pawn.

Tony Paletta wrote on 2003-07-16 UTC
The bishops are not colorbound; you misread the rules.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2003-07-16 UTCPoor ★
The Bishops are all bound to the red cells, a problem which has been overcome in most hexagonal variants. This game is also very Pawn-heavy.

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