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Chess Morality X: Seven Wonders. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2018-02-04 UTC

The twenty Chess Moralities were half complete fifteen years ago this month 2003. CMX associates each basic Chess piece with corresponding utmost construction of Antiquity:

Falcon - Pyramid; Pawn - Temple Diana; Knight - Colossus Rhodes; Bishop - Lighthouse Alexandria; King - Statue Zeus; Queen - Gardens Babylon; Rook - Mausoleum. Falcon Chess was first played December 1992 when adding the option of "split block" two changes of direction to the piece.

A lead-in to this tenth Morality does quote Lewis Carroll, and current Chessbase article by Carlos Alberto Colodro  trenchantly places the same 'Through the Looking Glass' in Chess literature, focussing on the game Alice joins: .

George Duke wrote on 2017-07-15 UTC

The medieval Chess Moralities went on for thousands lines. Chess Morality I to XX here 2000-2007 add another 800. But iambic pentameter is intellectual for being a long thought per line, so am working on crisper version with seven beats for low attention spanners.

Things like: ..../King and Queen and Horse must move/ Each within established groove./Hours well spent and mind engaged,/ Checked and mated when outraged./ Pawns but move one step at time,/ Bishops vowed to turn on dime./ Rooks befall the straightest path/ And only Queen more power hath. ....


George Duke wrote on 2013-05-03 UTC
What was happening ten years ago?

The Science explained:

The XX Moralities were half-complete with this CM X spring 2003. The seven fundamental Chess pieces, derived by strict mathematical logic so that there are mutual exclusivity of both arrival square and natural mode of movement, are seen to correspond to Antiquity's very seven utmost constructions.

Namely Falcon Pyramid, Pawn Nature Temple, Knight Colossus, Bishop Pharos, King Zeus Statue, Queen Babylon Garden, Rook Mausoleum.

George Duke wrote on 2011-02-12 UTC
As for Egypt's revolution, was there religion before the great religions? You bet. Before revered hinduism, buddhism, christianity and islam? You bet. Insofar as from a common vision and just seeming to be variegated now, underpinning all of them, Indigenists' religion Earthwide is 100,000 years strong. Hey the 3 Pyramids are not a material object exclusively. As for country of origin: Pyramid & Lighthouse, Egypt; Gardens, Babylonia; Artemis' Temple & Mausoleum, Turkey; Statue Zeus & Colossus Rhodes, Graecia. The tribute is to the Egyptians recovering the meeting of minor with mighty.

George Duke wrote on 2009-03-10 UTC
Winter 2002-2003 under discussion for Ramayana had two moralities, ''IX: Sacrifice'' and ''X: Seven Wonders'' (February 2003) never commented. So newcomers or Gilman mythologists may be unaware of themes. Indic 'Bhagavad Gita' respectfully introduces. Every third morality has refrain for Sun:Falcon, Luna:Pawn, Mars:Knight, Mercury:Bishop, Jupiter:King, Venus:Queen, Saturn:Rook; still the days of week. This one also now has Falcon-Pyramid, Artemis' Temple Pawns, Collosus of Rhodes Knight, Lighthouse Pharos Bishop, Statue of Zeus King, Hanging Gardens Queen, and Mausoleum Rook. / / / / / / / / / / [Annotations later: (1) Refrain ''Bodies streaming equal timed and spaced swaths'' of course is Kepler's law, and the morality hangs on the wall of one astronomy professor's office. (2) Introduction: Frenchman Robert Desnos was extremely prolific. (3) Luna: The science is there in that with excellent conditions rainbows are sometimes seen over lakes at night by moonlight. (4) Mars: Seven gods of luck are Japanese. (5) Mercury: Speculate that for cognoscenti Bhagavad Gita in chapter 10 over 2 millennia ago may be referring to anatomical knowledge that horses and humans have basically seven openings you can feel in four chambers. (6) Jupiter: Ironically the eighth part of speech is interjection that he is using at the time. (7) Venus: ''The seven stars'' are the Pleiades who have their own 5 moralities.]

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