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Chaos Chess. Pieces are placed randomly everywhere on the board before the game starts. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Mathul wrote on 2011-12-24 UTC
One cool random variant that could be created for computer games.

1-Program choose a random board starting Setups (that has all pieces on the
2-If this board position allows the white user to put the other player in
check or mate on the first turn or the black one put then the white player
in check or mate in their first turn. Another board position is choosed at
3-If the same thing could happen with black starting first, the board is
also choosed randomly again.
4-2 games are played simultaneously with players on separated board (that
have the same random starting setup) and then alternate the board they will
be making their movements on.
5-If a player win on both board he win. If each players wins on one board,
its a draw and you need to choose a new random board starting setup and
play again.

Peter Riesen wrote on 2008-04-01 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I thought about something like this, too (but a few years later). 
I like it very much, because the random factor can give less experienced players better chances in a single game and because it's simply crazy.

Because of that I added it to my site, where it can soon be played live (along with other chessvariants/games) against other players, of course I mentioned by whom and when it was invented. 

I would be honoured to play a game with its inventor. Anybody else may contact me, too: [email protected]

Allen Jett wrote on 2004-04-12 UTC
COMMENT Joey, Thanks for the comment and the rating. I'm glad you enjoyed this variant. Your proposed rule change for placing the kings LAST and BY CHOICE rather than randomly makes sense. Some of the true randomness will be lost, and it is possible that it may be difficult to find two 'safe' spots for the kings, but this is certainly offset by the elimination of the awkward 'No check first turn' rule. To balance White's advantage of first move, I suggest your rule change be amended as follows: after random placement of all other pieces, the Black player places his king (ie, he has FIRST choice of safe spots), followed by the White player. <p>Your proposed second rule change is also sensible, but I agree it should be limited to computer play only. Too many limits on the placement of pieces in OTB play reduces the randomness - and possibly the exitement - of Chaos Chess.

Joey wrote on 2003-12-15 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
A suggestion for the chess variant Chaos chess. I like this variant immensely...but there is a slight change I suggest should be made. All pieces shall be placed randomly as per specified by the rules. But the only slight change I would make is that the White and Black kings should be placed last in the remaining squares by choice, so that either king doesn't end up being placed in check or mate on the first move. <p> The ramfications of this rule change means <p><ol> <li>All pieces <strong>do</strong> keep their powers to check or mate on the first move. Since the players have chosen to carefully place their kings on relatively safe positions, then any such restrictions can be removed. <p> <li>For this variant to be used properly on chess programs like Fritz or Shredder by Chessbase, I recommend a further change. This change should only apply to computer chess, <strong>not</strong> OTB chaos chess play between humans. This change is necessary to allow chess software to play chaos chess positions accurately. The rule for playing chaos chess in computer software should be this: all pawns of either color cannot be placed on their first ranks, the reason being chess software cannot recognize this as a valid placement of the pawns. The exceptions to this would be playing via Winboard or Arena chess programs..which seem to avoid this problem. Otherwise the same rules apply to pawn s as pawns can be placed on 7th or 8th rank with White and no pawns can be placed on 1st or second rank for Black pawns. </ol>

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