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M Winther wrote on 2009-05-19 UTC
David, I use an old version of Opera and that proved to be the problem. It
always worked before. With IE6 it worked better. Sorry for the

David Howe wrote on 2009-05-18 UTC
Mats, what browser and OS are you using?

M Winther wrote on 2009-05-18 UTC
I do nothing special. I just write any game name, notch the '2D',
'modest' and 'setup'. Then I write a description. As soon as I have
submitted this (i.e. pressed 'Step 2'), then the name is changed to
Regiment Random Chess. If I back to previous page, it has been renamed.

David Howe wrote on 2009-05-18 UTC
Mats, I just created a link item and did not experience any problem. Could
you email me step-by-step details on what you did? Thanks!

M Winther wrote on 2009-05-18 UTC
David, I've tried again. It doesn't matter what I do. Also when I try to
create a new Courier Preset item, the software renames the item to a new
Regiment Random Chess. So I can't do anything.

David Howe wrote on 2009-05-17 UTC
Hi Mats, you are not being ignored. I process email once a week (on
Mondays), so I hadn't read your email yet. I have deleted the external
link for Regiment Random Chess, so you can try again. Sorry for the buggy
software and slow response time. Please remember, this site is all
volunteer driven, so 'customer service' sometimes lapses a bit.

M Winther wrote on 2009-05-17 UTC
I still can't 'Create Member Submitted Link'. It always changes the name
to 'Regiment Random Chess'. This makes it impossible to make a new
submission. I don't know why I am ignored.

M Winther wrote on 2009-05-13 UTC
For several days I haven't been able to 'Create Member Submitted Link'.
The form changes the name of the contribution to an old name already
present. I've reported it.

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