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M Winther wrote on 2012-05-07 UTC
Thanks. Now the proportions are correct both in Chrome and IE.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-07 UTC

Using a screenshot of the default preset, I took measurements of individual squares and found them to be 50x54 or 50x55. I then edited the source code to see what could be causing this difference. I removed the images from one rank, and after I did that, the squares in that rank were 50x50. The images and the table cells were both set to a height and width of 50. I looked at the CSS code but found nothing to account for the difference. I tried setting the margin and padding of IMG to 0px, but it didn't help. I removed the header code from the source code, but it didn't help. I removed common.css from the source code, but it didn't make a difference. Removing global.css from the source code didn't help either. Finally, I removed the DOCTYPE, and that made the square sizes 50x50.

Since the DOCTYPE is there so that the menus work right in Internet Explorer, I moved the DOCTYPE within an IE conditional. This fixed the problem in Firefox, but it didn't fix it in Internet Explorer.

The DOCTYPE used was

I had copied this one from another page on this site. I did some research on DOCTYPE options and switched to this DOCTYPE:

This one fixed the problem and still let the menus work right in Internet Explorer.

John Ayer wrote on 2012-05-07 UTC
I finally took a look, and, yes, the height seems to be about a quarter
greater than the width.  I am using Firefox.

David Howe wrote on 2012-05-06 UTC
I believe he's saying that the height of the squares is greater than the

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-06 UTC
So far, I don't even have a clear idea of what you're saying the problem
is. Your screenshot didn't look abnormal, and you haven't supplied any
more screenshots of Game Courier. How about providing two screenshots for
the sake of comparison, one that has the problem you're describing and one
that doesn't, both of the same game.

M Winther wrote on 2012-05-06 UTC
No, no settings have been changed. I created a simple html table  and it is
quadratic in Chrome, so something must have changed on the Chess Variant
site. However, if nobody else can reproduce this problem, then nothing can
be done about it. Here is the simple table board that looks quadratic in
Chrome (but it doesn't show in IE on account of the empty cells) :

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-05 UTC
Have you accidentally changed your screen resolution?

M Winther wrote on 2012-05-05 UTC
Fergus, this is very strange. The following preset is clearly oblong on my
screen. I am the only one who has this problem?
Revised Chess

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-05 UTC
Your screenshot looks fine. I don't see what the problem is.

M Winther wrote on 2012-05-05 UTC
Fergus, here is a Chrome screenshot:

I have used this version of Chrome and this operating system a long time
now.  I haven't changed hardware. This problem didn't exist before. 

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-04 UTC
I haven't noticed any decline in comments posted to this site, but I have
noticed an increase in Game Courier activity. Overall, I'm making this
site easier to use. But since cookies are essential to the game ratings
system I have planned, I would rather get users used to accepting cookies
than try to work around them. Where cookies are needed I am putting in
messages to inform users of their need.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-04 UTC
Mats, I have looked at the page you gave as an example in both IE8 and the
latest version of Chrome under Windows XP Home, and I don't see the
problem you describe in either browser. I have also seen no problem in
Safari, Opera, or Firefox. I also checked Chromium under Linux and found no
problem. Can you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing?

M Winther wrote on 2012-05-04 UTC
Fergus, I use Win XP Pro, and latest version of Chrome, and IE 8.0. The
boards are clearly oblong and the squares, too. However, now I tried an old
version of Opera, version 7.5. In this browser the squares are still

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-04 UTC

That's quite a load of rubbish. Stop being so paranoid and start accepting
cookies. This is not the 1990's. In this day and age, it is common for the
major sites to use cookies to recognize visitors, and you can hardly make
much use of the internet anymore without accepting cookies. I have
explained in another post what you can do in Internet Explorer to accept
cookies for this site without accepting cookies for untrusted sites.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-04 UTC

The effect you're talking about may be local to you. I'm not seeing it.
What browser and and operating system are you using?

M Winther wrote on 2012-05-04 UTC
I provided a link in my earlier message: Seirawan Chess.
But all Table generated presets are now oblong.

Charles Gilman wrote on 2012-05-04 UTC
I reiterate my request for input from editors other than Fergus Duniho, as this looks like an impasse and might need adjudication.

"The policy of rejecting all cookies is what is backwards. You don't have to make rejection of cookies an all-or-nothing matter. You can put sites you trust on a whitelist while continuing to reject cookies from other sites by default. All the cookies used by this site are perfectly safe and harmless and contain no confidential information. All the confidential information is contained in a session, which exists on the server, not the client. Also, the cookies used by this site cannot be read by other sites. The cookies are simply used to identify you across multiple pages, so that you don't have to keep signing in for everything, and, EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, so that I can eventually offer greater functionality that depends on the ability to recognize you. This is all leading toward the goal of a site-wide game rating system, and it will not work without the ability to use cookies to recognize you. So just put this site in a whitelist for accepting cookies."

It still looks like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The great thing about this site has been that it has been open to anyone interested in Chess variants at any level - playing other people's, developing new ones, suggesting tweaks, building sets and boards, or just studying variant history. You seem to be out to turn it into a site for an exclusive clique. Some of the most interesting comments that I have had on my own pages have been from first-time visitors to the site. You have explained about the cookies to me, but a lot of people could come to the site, try and post a comment, get an impassable (to them) sign-in page, and not hang around for an explanation. I am not asking to get rid of the sign-in system, merely to retain alongside it the tried-and-tested system that has been easy to use for at least a decade by newcomer and stalwart alike.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-05-03 UTC
Chess boards generated with Table aren't quadratic anymore! They are oblong!

Be more specific about what you are referring to. Whenever you report a problem with a page, give me an URL for a page with that problem.

M Winther wrote on 2012-05-03 UTC
Chess boards generated with Table aren't quadratic anymore! They are

M Winther wrote on 2012-05-02 UTC
Maybe it is something wrong with my eyes, but don't the boards in Game
Courier appear oblong now? The squares aren't quadratic anymore, neither in
Chroome or in IE: Seirawan Chess.

Carlos Cetina wrote on 2012-05-01 UTC
OK. The email address has been successfully registered and now appears on
the Personal Information page. Thank you very much for everything.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-04-30 UTC
The change email script works now. I was changing a variable name and
hadn't done a thorough job of it.

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-04-30 UTC
I would rather make sure the script is working right than do its work for
it. So I will delete my email address and see if the script needs changing.

Carlos Cetina wrote on 2012-04-30 UTC
Thank you, Fergus, I see the deployed menus have been removed from the reported pages even in all the GC's logs. And I'm taking into account your recommendation to use Firefox or Chrome.

I'm now able to register my email address at the change email page but, since there is no "before address", when I click on the Confirm button it appears the message:

The code failed to decrypt to the email address you wanted to change to. If you sent multiple email change requests, only the latest one will work. Please be sure that you followed the link from your very latest request to change your email.

string(32) "ߦ� �rCDO;uҪ/I��3o > 1�� f�:z;�"
string(24) "[email protected]"

Therefore the address has not been duly registered and still does not appear in my Person Information page. I wonder if you or David Howe could make that record directly without my intervention.

The good news is that at least we can already play our Episcopal Chess game!

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2012-04-30 UTC
I've now modified how the Related Pages submenu works in Game Courier. The
rules page is given a clearly identified entry in the first submenu, and it
is followed by a link to the specific preset in use. This allows entries to
show up for pages for which a group has not been specified.

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