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Infinite Chess 3D. Extends Chess to larger, even infinite, boards. () [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2005-03-26 UTC
'GHI,LargeCV': Who has not played Chess infinitely, informally, in everyday life by observing tile patterns or making 'lines-and-squares' steps? Uncommented so far, Infinite Chess has the sense here that RNBKQP are as a cardinal set in western Chess, eschewing the Chess Variant Page extreme variform philosophy. Unfortunately, this write-up just recapitulates in tone(considerably tongue-in-cheek) and substance two others having more refinement and finesse(A. Missoum's and Ralph Betza's). It has some interest, for instance, in Rule 1 within that a move be either finite or infinite: the 'infinite' ones are rather Alice-like. Betza's indexing for boards(Chess Really Big Board) is used exactly A1 to H8, and so on here. It does not seem a problem is solved of decreasing piece density as space enlarges. The main precedent is A. Missoum's 'Geometric Sequence of Chess Games,' which stops at 64x64 squares with its 126 Bishops, but could go on. 'The implications for geometry and the theory of infinite numbers will not be considered here.' Well and good.