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Nightrider. Makes a Knight leap, and can make additional leaps in the same direction.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Anonymous wrote on 2005-02-19 UTC
Nightriders can give rise to some interesting chess situations. For
White: Kd2, Pe2
Black: Kg8, Rd8, Nh7, Pd4
Black to move (N=nightrider)

1. ... Nf6+
2. e4  dxe3(e.p)+++
Which results in an unprecedented triple check.

Example #2:
White: Ke4, Rc4, Ne1, Nf2, Pf4, Pg5
Black: Ke6, Qa3, Rd7, Re7, Pf7, Pg6
White to move

1. Nc2+ Kd6+
2. Kd4+ Ke6+
3. Ke4+ Kd6+
4. Kd4+ Ke6+
5. Ke4+ Kd6+
This results in forced mutual perpetual check, which means that the
players have no choice but to continue delivering checks indefinitely,
unless the draw-by-repetition rule is invoked.