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PASGL 312 Chess. Critters steal lunch in the forest, while trying to get close to the campfire and avoid the train. (Cells: 68) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
gnohmon wrote on 2002-07-06 UTC
I gave a rule for stalemate even though I was not sure it could happen in
pasgl312 chess.

You may question my consistency. Repetition is clearly possible, althogh it
is difficult, and I thought of it bur chose not to mention it at all.

The difference is that for this game there is one clear and simple rule for
stalemate. I could write down the rule and be sure that it was correct,
even though I could not be sure that the situation it covered was

Instead of keeping silence, I chose to write down the one true stalemate
rule because I felt that it expressed a truth about the game that would
help you understand the game.

You could almost add it to rule zero: 'for point-scoring games, stalemate
is a non-event.'