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Falcon Chess: Background and Patent Text Excerpts. With background summary of chess variants.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2004-10-03 UTC
RBFNKQNFBR (Ra Ra.), or Templars' Falcon Chess. The a- and j-pawns are doubly protected, and the centralized knights are something to see. Falcons themselves cannot cover pawns without gaps in one or both ranks. Other arrays that protect all pawns at the outset follow. FBRNKQNRBF, or Pyramids' Falcon Chess. FRNBKQBNRF, or Cheops' Falcon Chess. Fischer-Random-Chess-like, FC claims cover all 453,600 possible initial positions (not all of them named) of the established piece mix on 8x10, 9x10, and 10x10 and larger. The operable words in claim 9(d):'...all at predetermined locations each on one of the squares.....' Still more arrays protecting all Pawns switch K and Q away from e- and f-files. BRNKFFQNRB, or Horus' Falcon Chess. RNBKFFQBNR, or Osiris' Falcon Chess. Thus specific drawings from 2000 FC article in CVP are only prototypical.