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Mainzer Schach. Large variant with Janus, Marshall, and different setup. (11x8, Cells: 88) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
David Paulowich wrote on 2004-08-18 UTC
We need to look at the geometry of the chesspieces. Rook, Knight, and Bishop each attack different squares. Let us start with one exceptional case: if promotion to any one of Rook, Knight, Bishop results in a stalemate, than so does promotion to any of the compound pieces Amazon, Marshall, Queen, or Janus. Assuming that the situation is not that bad: [1] if promoting to a Rook stalemates - choose a Janus, [2] if promoting to a Knight stalemates - choose a Queen, [3] if promoting to a Bishop stalemates - choose a Marshall. <p> As for the Amazon - it is just too strong for my taste. I prefer to have just the three pieces (Marshall, Queen, Janus) to choose from. Actually I use the Unicorn (Bishop + Nightrider) instead of the Janus (Bishop + Knight) in my own chess variants.