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Extreme 3D Chess Game. 8x8x8 3D Chess with linear, planar and cubic moves; and power absorption. (8x8x8, Cells: 512) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Larry Smith wrote on 2004-06-02 UTC
The following is a copy of a recent discussion with Tony about this game:


I've been working on a concept of replacing the shapes and symbols with
simple colors.
Black and White would denote ownership, and by themselves represent
Red = Rook
Blue = Bishop
Yellow = Unicorn
Purple = Knight (Rook+Bishop step or Red+Blue)
Orange = Hippogriff (Rook+Unicor step or Red+Yellow) 
Green = Wyvern (Bishop+Unicorn step or Blue+Yellow)
The King and Heir Apparent would be noted by large dots on the faces of
the Black or White piece.  Gold for King and Silver for Heir Apparrent
This way all the pieces would be simply round discs which would stack in a
small area.  The top disc would be the Black or White disc. And at a
glance a player would be able to determine the power of a piece.
Of course, this would not be viable for someone who might be color-blind. 
So shapes and symbols might be considered the universal.