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Mega-Chess. A chess game where each piece is a chess game! (8x8x64, Cells: 4096) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
L. Lynn Smith wrote on 2003-12-19 UTC
And I understand that 'neutral' Mega-pieces cannot attack or be
 But the potential threat would need to be recognized.  An opponent is
likely to leave their Mega-King under potential threat and so might make
Mega-moves to either block or escape such.

I can see how the decision to make those eight normal moves or a
could make for some nice conflicts.  Attempting to diminish an
potential Mega-pieces, or attempting to maintain one's Mega-pieces.

All in all, an interesting large variant.  I would attempt a PBM game
a willing opponent in order to playtest this game.  But I'm afraid the
experiment may last a few years. :-)