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ChessVA computer program
. Program for playing numerous Chess variants against your PC.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2023-01-08 UTC

This is an anomalous result; if the games were really independent, the statistical error should decrease as 1/sqrt(numberOfGames). So for 106 games it would be around 4%, so that the 62/106 (=58.5%) score is about two standard deviations above equality, while the other score pointed to equality with a 3% standard error. The standard error in the differens of the two results should be about 5%, so the 58% is off a bit more than you would expect, but not extremely so.

What I often did to make the games more independent is play them as shuffle games. If you shuffle white and black independently (as seems natural for CwDA) you can create a lot of starting positions even when you leave King and corner pieces in place.