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Centaur Chess. Pieces move backwards as Knight. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on Thu, Dec 1, 2022 08:09 AM UTC in reply to Greg Strong from Wed Nov 30 10:04 PM:

You can recover from this entry on, there wasn't much ...

But what was there was quite essential. Thanks!

I repaired it now, again with some difficulty. There seems to be something terribly wrong with the submission form: it appears to be able to just delete entire sections without warning. We should figure out why that happens.

All I initially did was paste the Diagram I had made in the comment into the Setup textentry of the submission form. This was empty before; the article only consisted of Introduction and Rules. When I then pressed 'Send', the Introduction section was entirely gone (including the header), and the Rules section had only retained its first sentence.

By using the 'back' button of the browser I could back up the the submission form as it looked before I pressed 'send'. As I assumed that I must have accidentally hit some key that led to deletion of the content of the text entries, I thought that resubmitting it while making sure all text was there would solve it, but as a safety measure I copied the text in the Introduction entry to the clipboard. Again the same thing happened: the Introduction section just disappeared.

I noticed that the text in the Introduction text entry was just plain text without any line breaks. So I added <p></p> tags around it after pasting it again from the clipboard, and then it remained. But I had not saved the remainder of the Rules section anywhere.

When I pasted the missing text at the bottom of the Rules text entry in the submission form, it again consistently disappeared on saving the submission. The only content remaining in that section was the first sentence, followed by a line with a <p> tag. Only when I pasted the missing text under that, and added a closing </p> tag behind it, the text remained on submission.

So it seems that text not in HTML tags, or in unbalanced tags, gets deleted on submission. It is risky to assume that none of the articles that I am editing will not contain any such text, and if they do these would be severly dameged on editing; probably withoout noticing it.