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H. G. Muller wrote on 2022-11-23 UTC

Is there a place where editors report their acivities, so that the other current and future editors knows what is being done?

I have strated moving Interactive Diagrams from comments into the article's page as main diagram. The first six of the list of playable Diagrams are already done. In this process I sometimes need to upload dedicated graphics for the page (for the static image in <noscript> tags). Not all pages seem to have a directory for that, probably because some did not have any graphics at all. In this case I create a directory for those in the /membergraphics/ directory, with a name starting with MS or ML (the latter for link files), plus the name of the variant (spaces squaeezed out).

I also made a few new alfaerie SVG pieces (thief, general, airplane, quickpawn), and added those to the alfaerieSVG page. I rendered those as 50x50 and 35x35 to put them on the respective alfaeriePNG pages, where I also added knightgeneral and camelrook renderings (which already existed as SVG, but not as PNG).