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Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on 2022-08-23 UTC

Dear Sir, thank you very much for your detailed comment and recommendations. I agree with what you say, it is common sense.

I had a problem with another unfinished game, but in this case I knew the player: he lost his terminal at one moment, and then when he got a new one, he explained to me that he could not play again because he was asking to accept cookies when connecting to CVP, and for some reasons I can't understand, he was very (very very) afraid to accept cookies. Seeing no issue and after waiting about 3 months, I have decided to delete this game that was in its end with a desperate position for him. (In fact I had already accepted not to play a checkmating move on one mistake from him few moves before).

The Fantastic XIII game which is unfinished is a pity. My opponent, RM, had made the invitation, not me. This person has played a lot of games recently on CVP, many with me, with no problem. I hope he has no serious issue and that he will come back playing one day. Indeed, I will delete this game one day if he does not show up after a while, let say in 2 or 3 months from now.

I agree that it is better to invite with timed games. The problem I see is that is very complex. The system in GC is certainly very elaborated, able to do many things for many different situations, but it is not user-friendly for common users like me, in my opinion. I would just need a mode which is ending after 1 or 2 months of non-activity of one side, a mode that can be selected by ticking just one box, not entering several parameters with subtile names. See Or maybe a set of Spare T, Grace T, Min T could be recommended in the invitation form for something simple. Of course, if I'm the only one in difficulty with that, never mind. Thank to all for your answers, I have appreciated that exchange of points of view.