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Gross Raumschach. Larger, 4-player version of Raumschach. (6x6x6, Cells: 216) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Charles Gilman wrote on 2003-10-25 UTC
My choices of name are based on consistency between 2d and 3d Chess. 2d Queens have been Rook+Bishop for centuries, and 2d Kings are even older. That's what I call classic. Among other inventors' variants Five Up has this Queen and Quadlevel, which uses neither the triagonal nor the same-rank diagonal, an even weaker one combining its own correspondingly weak Bishop with the Rook. Both games have Kings even weaker than mine. Of the uses you mention for Empress, R+B+N is very rare but has some affinity to R+B+U as being a triple compound, while R+N is mainly a problematist's usage. From other pages on this site I have observed a general preference for calling R+N a Marshal, which preference I have since supported in some of my 2d games.