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Turtle Shell Chess. Chess on a 33344-33434 tiling. (5x7, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Samuel Trenholme wrote on 2022-05-11 UTC

This is my attempt to put a chess variant on a non-standard tiling. While the hex tiling has been fairly extensively explored for chess variants, and there are a few games using a triangle tiling, and Tony Paletta has explored the rhombille tiling, and George Dekle has explored a few tilings, this is the first chess variant I know of that uses a demi-regular tiling (Onyx, a Hex-style connection game, uses a similar archimedean tiling).

Any comments or civil criticism is welcomed.

Until this variant gets published, guests can see a Zillions implementation of the game is at Zillions of Games; that zip file includes a PDF with full game rules.