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Grand Apothecary Chess-Alert. Very large Board variant obtained trough tinkering with known games.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2021-08-24 UTC

I will check this out, to see if it is something that should be done in the automatically generated code, or whether this would be something that is better done by the end user in addition to the generated code.

I still want to explore an alternative solution, though: would it be possible to have GAME code support operators nolower and noupper, as analogs to isupper and islower? E.g. nolower would return true if its string argument would not contain any lower case characters, i.e. if it is all upper case, digits or punctuation. The operators isupper and islower turn out not to be very useful in an environment where piece labels can contain digits and punctuation.