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Grand Apothecary Chess-Alert. Very large Board variant obtained trough tinkering with known games.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2021-08-24 UTC

I think the problem is that you use piece IDs that are not purely alphabetic, like .ZW or 1BI. The GAME code in the betza.txt include file recognizes the color of the pieces through the operaters islower and isupper for determining whether a piece is black or white. This doesn't work properly on digits or punctuation. So it allows the Mortar in the initial position to capture to the brouhaha square because it does not consider the piece there to be a white one (and thus considers it fair game for capture).

Perhaps Fergus can tell if there are alternatives to islower and isupper that ignore non-alphabetic characters, (or judge only the first letter in the string), and thus can be used to reliably recognize color in an environment of names that contain digits / punctuation. My first thought would of course be to outlaw such piece names in the fist place: it seems totally silly to allow such names. There doesn't seem any need for it.