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Tjatoer!. A chess variant written in Python, designed to stress test engines.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Halfen Ludith wrote on 2021-06-26 UTC

Thanks, Firstly, sure! I'll tweak some of the names, the Ferz will now be the Fürst, the Zebra will be a Zorro, the Man will be a Mullah, and the Lance will be the Lugal (Sumerian word for ruler), and that's for the pieces whose names are already attributed to well-known fairy pieces. as for pieces whose moves are already associated with a piece name, like the Gajah, Jester, Chariot, etc. I didn't change them as I thought some fairy pieces already has variations of moves

Secondly, regarding the origin of the word, the original word for chess, Catur, is a loan word from Sanskrit meaning four, it was and still Latinized to be spelled with a C (we still use the Sanskrit word as a substitute for the word four today!), anyway, so it was never spelled Tjatoer, to begin with (or at least I can't find any literary evidence it has ever been written in the van Ophuijsen spelling, back then people had more pressing matters than chess, early references to chess in Malay texts are either written in Sanskrit or Arabic letters like in Sejarah Melayu), thus unless it is a Dutch loan word the van Ophuijsen spelling is not used