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Tjatoer!. A chess variant written in Python, designed to stress test engines.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2021-06-26 UTC

Interesting game! And that you were able to program an engine for it is certainly a major achievement, which deserves congratulations. For my taste it is a bit 'top heavy', with so many ultra-strong pieces. But perhaps on 16x16 this works.

I do have a few critical remarks, though:

Several of your pieces use names that are commonly associated with an entirely different piece (Ferz, Zebra, Man, Lance). I don't think that is a positive feature, and there seems no real reason for doing this. E.g. the symbol you use for the 'Lance' has nothing lance-like. Surely there must be plenty of names starting with L that you could have used instead?

In other cases you use very well-known pieces (Chancellor/Marshall, Amazon, Nightrider, Camel, Wildebeest, Centaur, Griffon) under a different name. This is not as confusing as the previous point, because you use names that are novel or not in common use. But it isn't very helpful either, so it still seems a missed opportunity.

BTW, the 'archaic spelling' Tjatoer seems to be simply Dutch spelling. Of course in times when it was still thought to be OK to oppress other people for profit, Indonesia was occupied by the Dutch, so this seems a likely origin for the word.