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Chess with Different Armies. Betza's classic variant where white and black play with different sets of pieces. (Recognized!)[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2021-05-15 UTC

I finally finished playetesting the Silly-Sliders army with Fairy-Max, against the Fabulous Fides. Unfortunately the army is a bit too weak. As a whole it loses by about 58%. This is unacceptable, since all other established armies are sinificantly stronger than the Fides. The Onyxes are a bit stronger than their orthodox counterparts, the Bishops (even against the B-pair). The Lame Ducks and Rooks are equally strong. But the Squire is about half a Pawn weaker than a Queen, and the Diamond is also weaker than the Knight, probably because of its color binding. Although replacing it by a Frog (WH) only made it worse.

So I have been looking for ways to enhance the Squire. Making the diagonal moves reular ski-slides rather than lame ones made it too strong. On such a mobile piece it turns out to be of great value to be able to attack other pieces from behind a cover, so they canot attack you back. Only making the sideway orthogonal slides ski-slides made the armies about equal; it is difficult to attack from the side. But I don't like to break the 8-fold symmetry that all other pieces of the army have.

What is a good option is to add A or D moves to the Squire. The SiIlly Sliders then  beat the Fides by about 58%. I have not decided yet whether to use the A or D moves.