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Fergus Duniho wrote on 2021-05-06 UTC

I have added the ability to use entirely custom piece sets in a game. These are defined in GAME Code and do not use an external PHP file. Here is some sample code I wrote:

// A demo of using multiple internal sets that do not match any set file.

// Name the sets you will use by assigning them to the $groupsets array.
// Use capitalized names for the sets. These do not match any file names.
setsystem groupsets array Abstract Alfaerie AlfaeriePNG Magnetic Motif;

// Define pieces in an array variable called mypieces.
// Start by creating an associative array of all pieces shared in common.
// The key should be a label, and the value should be a filename.
// A single line of code is broken into multiple lines of text for legibility.
set mypieces assoc 
  K "WKing.gif"   k "BKing.gif" 
  Q "WQueen.gif"  q "BQueen.gif" 
  R "WRook.gif"   r "BRook.gif" 
  B "WBishop.gif" b "BBishop.gif" 
  N "WKnight.gif" n "BKnight.gif" 
  P "WPawn.gif"   p "BPawn.gif";

// Set the $dir system variable to match the set, and modify filenames as needed.
if == pieceset Alfaerie:
  setsystem dir "/graphics.dir/alfaerie/";
  foreach (k v) #mypieces:
    setelem mypieces #k tolower #v;
elseif == pieceset AlfaeriePNG:
  setsystem dir "/graphics.dir/alfaeriePNG/";
  foreach (k v) #mypieces:
    setelem mypieces #k tolower str_replace .gif .png #v;
elseif == pieceset Magnetic:
  setsystem dir "/graphics.dir/magnetic/";
elseif == pieceset Motif:
  setsystem dir "/graphics.dir/motif/";
  // Have a default set for when the set does not match any allowed set.
  // The default is Abstract.
  setsystem dir "/graphics.dir/abstract/";

// Now that the pieces are defined, copy the #mypieces array to $pieces
setsystem pieces #mypieces;