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Mad Elephant Chess. Pawns can be turned into Elephants; Elephants can promote to Mad Elephants, and Mad Elephants can trample lines of pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Walker wrote on 2021-01-15 UTC

Saying this is like "Shatranj with elephants raised on a diet of TNT and nitroglycerin" might be understating it. Anyway, if the Mad Elephant is slightly stronger than a Queen, then I might make an appropriate sub-subvariant: Like the subvariant "No Starting Elephants," but the Queen is replaced by a Mad Elephant, so the setup is approximately the same, but Elephants can still come into the game easily and the Queen is slightly stronger. To balance out the stronger Queen, I might use R7 or R6 for the Rook, and if this were added to Chess With Different Armies, I'd call it the Elephant Army.