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Pushpawn Chess[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
M Winther wrote on 2020-11-26 UTC

In Pushpawn Chess a connected pawn on the fourth or fifth rank can push back an enemy pawn that is placed before it, provided that the square behind the enemy pawn is empty. A Pawn that is situated adjacent to a friendly pawn, diagonally or horizontally, counts as “connected”. This is a serious challenger to Fide chess.

The pawn chain emulates a medieval shield wall. As the pawn is blocked by a shield, it cannot capture directly forwards. Instead, it captures diagonally forwards, which was a typical method, also in the roman army. But there is a move missing, namely a push move. In the ancient and medieval battle situation, soldiers tried to push the enemy shield wall back, to create a breach. The new push move emulates this ancient tactics.

Pushpawn Chess (Zillions)