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Alpaca ChessUPDATED! A game information page
. (Updated!) Introducing the weak but interesting Alpaca, which hops one or two steps rookwise (with zrf).[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Kevin Pacey wrote on 2020-11-09 UTC

Curiously an old ZoG value for a Snail, or W+fD (from DemiChess) gives it as worth about 0.81 of a chess knight on 8x8. If I understand the notation right (that is, fD is the single forward move of a D that can move or capture, or 1/4 of the possible movements of a D), one would think that an Alpaca (W+mD) would be valued as slightly higher than a Snail.

In any even, it may be worth thinking about that the Alpaca's mD component would allow the W part it is compounded with to reach a number of squares distance/path 3 cells away in only 2 moves (possibly permitting a W-like capture on that second turn, on a square 3 cells away in distance/path):