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Alpaca ChessA game information page
. Introducing the weak but interesting Alpaca, which hops one or two steps rookwise (with zrf).[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Kevin Pacey wrote on 2020-11-06 UTC

I'd estimate the Alpaca piece on 8x8 to be worth about 2.8125. That's considering it's a W compounded with a non-capturing D, taking a W on 8x8 as =1.5 and a non-capturing D as worth about half of a normal D (which is about (N-1)/4 I'd say [with N=3.5 on 8x8], which is maybe a little on the low side, but is consistent with one of my primitive ways of estimating things), or 0.3125, and adding these together, plus adding 1 to the total, as a compounding bonus (analogous to Q=R+B+1, another one of my ways of doing things) gives my earlier stated estimate for the Alpaca.