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Nine elder (아홉 장로). Sittuyin + Shogi.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ben Reiniger wrote on 2020-10-21 UTC
  1. I don't understand the pawn drop rules. Am I allowed to drop a pawn that attacks the opponent's Jade if they have no pieces that could capture the pawn? If so, do I win?

  2. I really don't understand Jitai. When exactly does it become effective? What are the "props" currently mentioned? If both players have fewer than 31 points do they both lose (is that a draw?)?

  3. I'd suggest the first promotion rule being changed from "are promoted" to "may be promoted", since it seems the intention is that promotion is always optional.

  4. In defining Sennichite, "phase" and "shape" should be replaced by "board position" or "game state", if one of those accurately captures your meaning. You mention "Highground" in the playoff, but that doesn't seem to exist in this game?