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Tenjiku Shogi. Fire Demons burn surrounding enemies, Generals capture jumping many pieces. (16x16, Cells: 256) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
dax00 wrote on 2020-05-08 UTC

I strongly dislike how the chu shogi renmei has approached a variety of things, and their incompetent leadership. The old texts clearly state that a lion moves two times one step (not one time two steps), and then assesses the move after each step. The JCSA also uses that ridiculous lance promotion rule.

The term is "sole protector", and yes, I am agreed that what should be assessed is whether a recapture is possible. 

To say a lion does not move for igui is laughable. The terminology arises from the possibility of taking a piece and returning, not some single extra ability to take a piece at distance, like a shooter. Since igui is a common 2-step hit-and-run tactic, there is a special name for it. Nothing more.

Anyways, my points about the promotions in tenjiku shogi logically follow, and it appears you have no objection at the heart of it.