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Outer Space Chess. Space-themed game with hyperspace and regular space boards. (5x8x2, Cells: 43) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Nicholas Kuschinski wrote on 2003-07-15 UTC
Now THERE is a comment I agree almost wholeheartedly with. I have long ago
given up on this game anyways, finding its flaws too great to handle. I
also agree about the math thing. I just really don't have access to any
other reasonable sort of tool (AI programming being just too damn time
consuming). It is because of this that I have pretty much abandoned game
design alltogether.

As for Duinho's comment, which you claim to be a perfect example of a way
to solve such problems: Allow me to disagree.

It doesn't solve anything. A player may still capture a king and force a
draw, that this happens to make him less likely to win . . . well, if you
really want to draw, you don't really care if you win or not. The game
still has a foolproof way of reviving a losing position and bringing it up
to a draw. It is FAR from being an actual solution to the problem.