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Suzumu Shogi. (Updated!) 16x16 Shogi variant based on Tenjiku Shogi.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2019-11-07 UTC

Interesting game. It begs some questions, however:

  • What made you decide the move of the Demon and Jumping Generals in Tenjiku Shogi make that game 'unplayable'?
  • Why do you prefer the standard Shogi promotion rule over the Chu Shogi rule?
  • What is the point of disallowing a jump for the double King move of the Demon? The area move it has would be able to reach the same squares through multiple paths, and they are unlikely to be all blocked. Especially since any obstructing enemy can be destroyed in the process. So in practice it would only delay development of the Demon, when the latter is still behind a solid wall of own pieces. Which you probably would not want to develop very quickly anyway, valuable as it is. So it doesn't seem worth introducing a new type of move, rather than just taking Demon = Buffalo + Lion + Area Move.
  • The value of the Demon with the move you give it would not nearly be 3 Jumping Generals. I am not even sure it is worth more than a single VG or GG (even when the latter have limited jumping power). The Lion power isn't worth that much, since most Tenjiku pieces are 'Lion proof' (i.e. have all King moves, so you cannot bring igui to bear on them as an attack). Note that some Tenjiku players value the Lion Hawk (as Bishop + full Lion) less than a Queen. BTW, the rule of thumb that a Demon is worth three Jumping Generals in Tenjiku Shogi only holds when these Generals are still able to inflict smothered mates, which can only be averted by giving a Demon back. Otherwise Demons that burn are priceless: losing one is losing the game. Conventional pieces have no defense against a Demon.