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Outer Space Chess. Space-themed game with hyperspace and regular space boards. (5x8x2, Cells: 43) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2003-07-01 UTC
I agree with you that there is nothing wrong with fixing problems with a
game. But I do appreciate the point Carlos is making, because there are
more and less elegant ways of fixing the same problem. Let me describe a
problem I fixed in one of my games that is like the one you describe with
the Galaxy. 

In Three-Player Hex Shogi, players may capture Kings and hold them in
hand, and the goal is to make all three Kings your own. The problem
here is that a player might force a draw by holding one King in hand
indefinitely. There were various ways to fix this problem. For example, I
could have said that no King may be held in hand longer than five turns.
But this would be an inelegant solution that overcomplicated the game.
Instead, I chose to provide an incentive for dropping a King back on the
board. So I added the rule that the King is the only piece a player may
drop when he has one in hand. Since dropping other pieces is normally
critical to doing well in the game, holding a King indefinitely would
impair a player's chances of winning.