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Alfaerie Variant Chess Graphics. Set of chess variant graphics based on Eric Bentzen's Chess Alpha font.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on Tue, Oct 16, 2018 05:33 AM UTC:

Let me get this clear: the WYSIWYG editor did decide on 150x150 all on its own, without you having to specify the height and width in the image-entry popup? Why did it pick 150? Does it do that for any image? Or just because it considered 2048x2048 ridiculously large?

In hindsight it is a bit unfortunately that all the Alfaerie SVG have native size 2048x2048, just because the Chess-Alpha set from which I started happened to have that. 50x50 would have been more convenient.

P.S. The board editor two comments down now generates more compact FENs, using the dressed-letter piece IDs rather than the parenthesized image names. Catch is that this requires the piece table for the diagram to be defined 'by hand', because there is no way to guess the required IDs from the image names. (Otherwise the script could just get the image names from the directory, which would make it easier to adapt to other piece sets.) I also put the Interactive Diagram there in 'position-setup mode', so that you can make multiple drops of a piece selected in the list.