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Catapults of Troy. Large variant with a river, catapults, archers, and trojan horses! (8x11, Cells: 88) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Gary Gifford wrote on 2018-09-25 UTC

Thank you for your detailed review, Kevin... it is appreciated. I've not played this game in many years, but I do not recall the play being slow. Antoine Fourrier created a Zillions version of this and if you play that I think you will find the game moves along pretty well... also, if you play another human I think you will see it moves along well.  I did find one minor bug in the Zillions app concerning the Ram...not sure if it still exists after all these years. If I ever  update  the rules it would be to delay movement of the Traojan Horse 3 moves. I have reasons for this.... but will not go into them at this time.  Thanks again for the comment.