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Sissa. Variant on 9 by 9 board with Sissa's. (9x9, Cells: 81) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2018-06-26 UTC

Kevin is pointing out currently that Gabriel Maura's Modern Chess allows the Bishops both to stay on same color binding.  Sissa here also 9x9 requires one Bishop only per color and the other opposite after each has moved.  Still a third way to keep symmetrical starting placement, 81 spaces again, and unique handling of paired Bishops is found in George Dekle's Chesquerque.  There the Bishops always have wazir-step conversion option as a turn.  So, Chesquerque Bishops late in the game can "re-double up" on the same half ( +/- 0.5 ) of the squares -- powerful tool.

Jim Aiken's Double Diamond ( 9x9, 72 squares ) has same anytime one orthogonal.

Another and earlier one Chancellor Chess (9x9) settled on unsymmetrical initial array, so Bishops alway on their own 40/41 "half." Likewise Gilman goes for off-center positioned Bishops for full square coverage in things like Bachelor Kamil ( 9x9 ).